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Dates: Malaysia’s Love Affair with Buah Kurma

Buah kurma, the Malay term for dates, holds a special place in Malaysian hearts. But are these delectable fruits primarily grown locally, or do they embark on a journey from afar? This blog post explores the fascinating story of dates in Malaysia, uncovering the rise of local date palm cultivation and the essential role imports […]

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Kurma Supplier: Effective Marketing Strategies for Malaysian Dates

  Introduction Malaysian dates, commonly known as kurma, offer a delicious and nutritious treat enjoyed by many. For kurma supplier in Malaysia, it is essential to implement effective marketing strategies to increase sales and create a strong presence in the market. This blog post explores various tactics and approaches that can be employed to promote […]

Dates – The Fruit of the Month in Malaysia

The fruit and the date in Malaysia can make a great pair of foods. Although the dates are more commonly used in desserts. The fruit is used in most of the recipes for fresh, delicious dishes. You will enjoy these dishes from a sweet and sour to a tangy Thai dish and a dessert that […]

Dates Are The Right Choice For Your Business

For any business looking to purchase a gift item, the fruit suppliers are a major consideration. This is because the fruit can be used in different foods and drinks. In fact, it is common to have fruit in the form of a drink or food, which is why it is so important that fruit suppliers […]

Dates Fruit – An Easy Way to Make More Money

There are many reasons for which a company might consider making their own dates fruit wholesale, but most of the reasons are more economical in nature. In fact, if you have the know how and are willing to spend the time it takes to put things together and put them into action you could very […]

Date Fruit Exporters – How To Deal With Them

The volume of date exporters that are exporting dates globally is continuously growing, as there are so many different sectors which can profit from this great commodity. This means that the exporter has to take the time out to look at all the sectors and what their requirements are, before they even start looking at […]

A Few Benefits of Buying Suppliers

Dates are popular worldwide and it is no surprise to know that many fruit and vegetable suppliers in Malaysia have expanded their business to cater for the needs of customers in other countries. However, it is also no secret that most fruits and vegetables remain a favorite item in most food business. Dates are used […]

How To Shop For Date Wholesalers?

While buying dates wholesale is a very practical way to make money from your home, there are some things that you should know and be aware of when it comes to shopping for the best dates. There are a lot of people who have been duped by wholesalers, and while they think they have been […]

Dates Fruit in Malaysia

The date fruit or the Malay dates, as it is also commonly known, has been grown in Malaysia for centuries and has been harvested to a degree that ensures its freshness for an extended period of time. The Malaysians have been making this fruit the main source of their daily nutrition since the 1820s when […]

Dates Fruit Suppliers in Malaysia

Many of the fruits and vegetables that we use on a daily basis are imported from countries like Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. These countries produce excellent quality produce that is high in vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals. These fruits and vegetables are harvested by the local people who live in these countries and can […]