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Roasted dates

Kabkab date is one of the familiar and well-known names of dates in Iran, which is famous and popular among date consumers. This date, which is considered one of Iran’s export dates, has two types of consumption: wet and dry. When the Kabkab date is fully ripe, it has a dark brown color. Its color can be seen as yellow when dry and wet. Generally, dates are consumed moist. This date is oval in shape and is considered one of Iran’s semi-dry or wet dates.

It has a skin attached to the fruit and its sweetness is not too much and unpleasant. This product can be harvested in early August, but if you want to pick it fully ripe, you have to be patient until early or mid-September. The weight of each Kabkab date is about 15 grams. If you remove the thorn, you must cook it before consuming, otherwise it is not possible to use it.

Kabkab dates are grown more or less in the date-growing areas of Iran, but the main place of origin for this date should be Kazron or Barazjan. However, high-quality Kabkab dates can be harvested in Behbahan, Khormouj, Kazerun, Qirokarzin, Tabas, Barazjan, Tangestan and some other regions.

Kabkab date is one of the most important types of dates in Iran, which is in a special position in terms of economy and export. Every year, a lot of foreign currency enters Iran for the sale of these dates to neighboring, American, European and African countries.

One of the most important companies for the production, packaging and sale of these dates in Iran, which operates according to the highest standards of packaging and sales of export dates is Green Diamond which distributes the best and highest quality Kabkab dates in Iran and countries that demand this type of dates.