Dates Fruits Suppliers in Malaysia

Malaysia, like most countries, is a major exporter of date fruits. This is one of the reasons why Malaysia has one of the highest per capita exports of fruits in the world. Date fruits are among the most popularly-grown fruits in Asia, with Indonesia and India being two of the biggest exporters of this tropical fruit. As a result, the country of Malaysia enjoys a very strong and stable economy which is underpinned by a healthy exports sector. The following article will provide an analysis of some of the key suppliers of these fruits to Malaysia.

Prominent exporters in Malaysia are Green Seal and Lowes. These suppliers form the backbone of the local market for date products. Both these companies are relatively new when they first entered the industry in 1997 but have built significant reputations over the years and remain two of the most dominant exporters in the industry today. They are both 100% localised, with their manufacturing facilities based in Penang and Singapore, respectively. Green Seal International is primarily known for its fruit and vegetable spreads, while Lowes is known for its kitchen appliances and automotive equipment.

Green Seal primarily deals in fruits and vegetables, while Lowes focuses more on dairy and food. Both of these companies have a large and diverse range of products including fruits, vegetables, snacks, juices, tinned foods, biscuits, snacks and so on. Green Seal International’s operations are based primarily in Singapore, with a small number of production plants in Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. The majority of its production is still in-house, with the bulk being exported to Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia. It also has a number of manufacturing partners that it works with across different industries, especially in the manufacturing of seafood.

Other important dates suppliers in Malaysia include Pantene, who are mainly active in the wholesale bakery industry. Pantene is one of the largest manufacturers and distributors of nuts, seeds, nuts and snacks. It also holds a number of exclusive accounts in Australia, Canada, France and America. Pantene suppliers are also popular in Malaysia, where its own brand is popular among local consumers. They also have an established distribution network in Singapore, Hong Kong, China and other Asian countries.

Dates Fruits Sorters is another company that has established a strong presence in Malaysia, and its branch in Penang is the largest. The company’s range of products, particularly its dried fruits, are popular with locals and tourists alike. In addition, the company is also known for its quality and variety of nuts and snacks. A variety of beverages are also available under the category of Dates Fruits Suppliers. These include colas, tea, juices, chocolate bars and juices, among others.

Other suppliers of dates in Malaysia include Terex, who have a manufacturing facility in Cameron Highlands. The manufacturer of this company is also the sole owner of the largest chunk of the United States Department of Agriculture’s contract produce division, which is responsible for the production and distribution of all U.S. dates. Terex supplies both standard and premium dates to retailers around the world. This company is also well known for its excellent delivery service. With the help of these suppliers, anyone can easily purchase quality and fresh Malaysian dates at the best possible prices.