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Kurma Wholesaler Malaysia: Your Gateway to Premium Dates

Kurma, also known as dates, are a beloved fruit that holds a special place in Malaysian cuisine and culture. From their delightful taste to the numerous health benefits they offer, dates are a versatile ingredient that adds richness to various dishes. For those seeking premium quality dates in bulk, Kurma Wholesaler Malaysia is the ultimate […]

Raw Diet and Weight Loss

A raw diet is a diet in which foods are not cooked at a temperature higher than 40-45 degrees Celsius. In this diet, the body receives very few calories and the main nutrients may not reach the body. The goal of this diet is not to lose weight, but to improve eating habits. In general, […]

Is It Possible to Lose Weight?

Eating certain foods can lead to a decrease in body fat. When a person adds these fat-burning foods to their diet, they can help burn fat and lose weight. Eggs, nuts and oily fish can be mentioned among fat-burning foods. The term fat-burning food is used for foods that aid in fat loss by stimulating […]

Kurma Wholesaler Malaysia

Green Diamond dates fruit Company is committed to provide sustainable premium quality of dates fruit that is ethically purchased from farmers and delivered in best way to customers. Green Diamond always ensure that dates are in their best quality while the company promote social, economic and environmental standards in its practices.